Global Express


Bombardier Global Express

Global-Express-intThe Bombardier Global Express is a large cabin, ultra long range business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Global Express jet aircraft is manufactured by Bombardier, has a normal range of 6055 and a maximum range of 6226. Typically it can support a crew of 2 and can carry up to 8-19 passengers. It has a normal cruising speed of 488 and a maximum cruising speed of 511. It features 2 Rolls Royce BR 710-A2-20 engines.

  • Range: 7,077 miles (11,390 km)
  • Wingspan: 94′ (29 m)
  • Length: 99′ (30 m)
  • Top speed: 590 mph (950 km/h)
  • Weight: 49,820 lbs (22,600 kg)
  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Aerospace
  • Engine types: Rolls-Royce BR700, Turbofan