Why Air Éclat

Air Charter Excellence


Air Éclat International leads the industry in procuring safe, vetted aircraft for on-demand air charter. From Learjets to Gulfstreams to Boeing 747s , our database tracks more than 5,500 private aircraft worldwide from our headquartered in Los Angeles.

Providing 24-hour world-class service, Air Éclat knows the ins and outs of private air charter—custom checks, complicated routing, VIP services and special requests. Our friendly and professional air charter team makes securing a private jet a pleasurable and convenient process.

Air Éclat helps consumers become savvier buyers. As we don’t own or operate aircraft—a real benefit for consumers—our focus is locating the most suitable private plane charter that fully meets consumers’ flight requirements. In doing so, only top rated government certificated charter operators are recommended. Because your air safety is foremost at Air Éclat, we additionally require air charter operators’ aircraft and aircrew to pass stringent, on-site audits, performed by independent aviation safety firms.

Air Éclat’s pricing is also very competitive. Annually, air charter bookings are in the millions, and price concessions, even above pre-negotiated wholesale rates, are passed on to consumers. Hence, consumers save money when chartering private planes through Air Éclat.

Personal Flight Department

Some air charter brokers concentrate solely on the trip at hand. At Air Éclat, we take care of that and what lies ahead. We become your personal flight department liaison and focus on what we can do for you in the long-term. That takes a genuine commitment to understanding you, your company and its challenges.
In fact, the words “customer service” don’t begin to convey the proactive, responsive and personalized attention you’ll receive from our team of dedicated professionals. We always stay in close communication with you ensuring that each on-demand air charter trip that we arrange for you is a hassle-free experience. It’s that uncommon combination of innovative solutions and customer focus that produces what you want and need most—real results.


  • 24-hour worldwide operations
  • Free market survey for suitable available aircraft
  • Free advisory service from our team of experienced analysts
  • Global booking system
  • Total operational support priority processing
  • Ground handling and transportation services
  • Entertainment industry, sports and incentive group travel expertise

Flight Services

  • Private and secure terminal facilities
  • Ground transportation arrangements
  • In-flight entertainment center and telecommunications
  • Cabin attendant (when applicable)
  • Premium bar, non-alcoholic beverages and an array of snacks
  • Gourmet custom catering and amenities


Flight Standards

It’s Air Éclat’s policy and mandatory requirement that all network operators will conform to the highest standards of professional conduct, as well as strict adherence to Federal Aviation Administration regulations and procedures.


Since Air Éclat’s inception, our core mission remains the same: to put your air charter safety first. That’s why we’re proud to be a Wyvern- Certified Broker., setting the highest standards in the industry Wyvern’s standards far exceed those of minimum government oversight of certificated, commercial air charter operators’ private aircraft and aircrew.

Pilot Qualifications

All charter operators’ pilots are required to attend Flight Safety International, SimuFlite or equally qualified FAA simulator training. Typically, both pilots on our network aircraft are fully qualified as pilot-in-command. Each pilot has passed an EKG, drug and alcohol tests, which is subject to random testing. Additionally, each pilot holds an FAA first class medical certificate, renewed every six months, from a doctor approved by the FAA’s aeromedical facility.

Aircraft Maintenance

Each network air carrier will have an in-house maintenance program with technicians who’ve completed approved factory training or will operate under an FAA issued repair station license. Aircraft are maintained on a daily basis and minor discrepancies addressed immediately and under the guidelines set up by each airline manufacturer.

For more information, call Air Éclat’s corporate headquarters at 424.270.1667.
9107 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 450, Beverly Hills, CA 90210