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Air Charter Safety


At Air Éclat, our core mission remains the same: to put your air charter safety first. When available, we only use operators who have successfully completed a Wyvern safety audit. Wyvern’s standards far exceed those of minimum government oversight of certificated, commercial air charter operators’ private aircraft and aircrew.

Private air charter falls under the nomenclature of general aviation, but also known as private jet, jet charter or corporate aviation. In order for passengers to fly for hire on board charter operators’ aircraft, first the Federal Aviation Administration under FAR Part 135 must certificate them.

Wyvern Consulting Ltd., established in 1991, was the first private aviation safety evaluations firm that began performing worldwide, stringent, on-site audits of air charter operators’ aircraft and aircrew.

* But talk is cheap; the real story can be observed in the following statistical summaries: Of all the 2,034 FAR Part 135 fatalities from January 1991 to August 2010, zero (0.00%) percent involved a Wyvern-recommended aircraft or aircrew. Of all the 1,719 Part 135 accidents from the same period, only two of those non-fatal accidents were attributable to Wyvern recommended operator aircraft. Looking at just Part 135 turbine accidents from August 2005 to August 2010, jets flying air charter flights incurred five fatal accidents and 22 fatalities, but not one of these jet fatalities occurred on a Wyvern-compliant flight.
That’s a safety record that only Wyvern can claim.
* Source: Wyvern (September 2010)