Cessna 400 Series

Cessna 400 series

Cessna 400 Series Turboprop

cessna-421-intThe Cessna 441 Conquest II was the first turboprop designed by Cessna and was meant to fill the gap between their jets and piston-engined aircraft.

The 400 Series are typically configured to seat eight passengers in a comfortable four and a half feet wide cabin. With its 3,630 feet takeoff distance, the 400 Series can takeoff from even the shortest of runways, giving passengers access to more remote airports. The 400 Series can cruise at 275 miles per hour and with a range of 1,029 nautical miles.

Manufacturer: Cessna
Class: Turbo Prop
Seating: 8
Lavatory: Curtain
Cabin Dimensions: 4.30 x 4.60 x 12.90 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity: 77
Max Payload: 1425 lb
Take Off Distance: 2465ft
Climb Rate: 1861 fpm
Cruise Speed: 298 mph
Maximum Range: 1566
Cruise Altitude: 35000 ft