Flight Standards

It’s Air Royale’s policy and mandatory requirement that all network operators will conform to the highest standards of professional conduct, as well as strict adherence to Federal Aviation Administration regulations and procedures.


Air Royale’s network air carriers have safety standards second to none. Paralleling the standards used by the commercial airliners, every air carrier maintains a flight standards department (FSD) dedicated to enhancing your safety, In doing so, the FSD provides you the assurance that comes from procedural checks and balances and ongoing supervision only qualified air carriers maintain.

Pilot Qualifications

All charter operators’ pilots are required to attend FlightSafety International, SimuFlite or equally qualified FAA simulator training. Typically, both pilots on our network aircraft are fully qualified as pilot-in-command. Each pilot has passed an EKG, drug and alcohol tests, which is subject to random testing. Additionally, each pilot holds an FAA first class medical certificate, renewed every six months, from a doctor approved by the FAA’s aeromedical facility.

Aircraft Maintenance

Each network air carrier will have an in-house maintenance program with technicians who’ve completed approved factory training or will operate under an FAA issued repair station license. Aircraft are maintained on a daily basis and minor discrepancies addressed immediately and under the guidelines set up by each airline manufacturer.